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Attractions and entertainment in Chile in Santiago, examples of housing prices

Things to do in Chile Santiago

In tourist information center you will find a large number of suggestions for excursions. Coordinates: -33.420288, -70.606854. The mass of proposals for tours and not only can be found on the websites:

Activities in Chile
Information Centre
Activities in Chile
Sample prices for tours

Examples of activities and prices

  • City tour bus 27,5 USD = 18 000 CLP from 9.30 am to 18.00 pm.
  • Free city tour:
  • Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts is recommended to visit. Official website: Price 0,92 USD = 600. CLP Visiting hours: 10 am to 17.45 pm.
Activities in Chile
Sightseeing bus
Activities in Chile
Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts

Bike rental

Bikes for rent free on bail issued passports. There is no guarantee that it works for all foreigners. Thare are usual bike rentals. The first 30 minutes are free. An hour fare 1,5 USD = 1000. CLP Terms available at the website:

Activities in Chile
Free bike
Activities in Chile
Rent a bike

Examples of prices for housing in Santiago

Searching for a pleasant and at the same time affordable housing is not the easiest thing in Santiago. One way is to rent apartments in the buildings (two nights). Prices are quite democratic 38 - 48,9 USD = 35 - 45 EUR per night for a studio. Search through the standard booking systems.

Examples of apartments for 35-45 Euro per night

Housing prices in Chile
Housing prices in Chile
Housing prices in Chile
Housing prices in Chile

Sites for renting apartments for a long time

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