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Austria and Vienna prices: excursions, attractions, souvenirs

Entertainment and attractions in Vienna

Vienna Zoo

Tickets 18,4 USD = 16.50 EUR Location: 48.182312, 16.303018. Detailed information can be found on the official website of the zoo:

Schönbrunn Palace

Next is Schönbrunn Palace. A great place for walking. Free. Verify the schedule on the Web site. Location: 48.184249, 16.311755. Cost of the train around the park 7,8 USD = 7. EUR Official website:

Activities in Vienna Vienna
Activities in Vienna
Schönbrunn Palace
Activities in Vienna
Train in the park Schönbrunn Palace

Amusement park "Prater"

Location: 48.217082, 16.396108. Official Website:

  • Admission includes 13 attractions 42,4 USD = 38 EUR
  • Single attraction tickets 10 USD = 9 EUR
Activities in Vienna
Know your weight
Activities in Vienna
Attracions park ticket prices
Activities in Vienna
Fountain with free drinking water

Examples of various prices

There are many drinking fountains. Free. Vienna tap water is one of the best in the world. Careful, the water is very cold!

For 0,22 USD = 0.20 EUR can be weighed in the city center.

Examples of the cost of tours in Vienna


ViennaSightseeing offers large variety of tours around the city by bus, tours type hop-on hop-off and walking tours. The minimum price 11 USD = 9.90. EUR Full-day excursion costs around 66,9 USD = 60 EUR

RedBusCity tours

The bus company RedBusCity Tours will offer you a variety of city tours. The cost of travel by bus from 15,6 USD = 14 EUR (half hour) Details and prices on the company's website:

Things to do in Vienna
sightseeing bus Terma Travel
Things to do in Vienna
The cost of bus tours around the city

Souvenirs prices in Vienna


Candy and other sweets are recognized in Austria souvenirs. A large number of shops selling them as souvenirs in the old city center.

  • Vienna candy Set 2,2 USD = 1.99 EUR per 180gr
  • Assorted candies "Mozart" 3,9 USD = 3.49 EUR per 180 g.
  • Chocolate "Manner" 2,2 - 2,6 USD = 1.99 - 2.29 EUR for 200-250gr.
  • Gift set of chocolates with a cup "Mozart" 11 USD = 9.90 EUR
  • Big set of gift candy 27,8 - 52,3 USD = 24.90 - 46.90 EUR
Prices for souvenirs in Vienna
Assorted candies
Prices for souvenirs in Vienna
Mozart Chocolates
Prices for souvenirs in Vienna
Assorted candies and a mug
Prices for souvenirs in Vienna
Prices for souvenirs in Vienna
Gift Set Sweet

Various souvenirs in Vienna

  • Magnets from 5,5 USD = 4.95 EUR
  • Mugs in stock 14,5 - 54,6 USD = 13 - 49 EUR
  • T-shirts from 11,1 USD = 9.95 EUR per Unit.
  • Set of 6 pieces liqueurs 16,7 USD = 14.95 EUR
Souvenirs in Vienna
Various souvenirs
Souvenirs in Vienna
Souvenirs in Vienna
Souvenirs in Vienna
More mugs
Souvenirs in Vienna
Souvenirs in Vienna
Sets liqueurs 6 pieces

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